Welcome to the version 10.5 of mirmingi.net. What you see here is nothing innovative, and it's just my personal playground online. I'm not the one who chances her layout every month either, but still I need this place, in case I feel the need to be "creative" sometimes. So after nearly a year I changed the layout again... I won't promise updates anymore since I tend not to keep my promises *ggg* Anyway.. have a nice time here and come back if you liked it.

I took my guestbook down this time... since I got way too much spam to handle. And there were not many people who wrote an entry for me (not that I didn't care about the ones who did, because I was really happy about them) but spam is still spam, and I prefer to keep it as far away from me as possible.

Enjoy your stay anyway...




01.05.06: New layout!

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